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Home Cleaning

Since many people are working these days, lots of individuals does not have enough time or energy to keep cleaning their home. Some simply don’t want to spend what spare time they have on cleaning. Yet no one wants to face an untidy home at the end of the day. The solution is our professional house cleaning services. Big or small, Apartment, Home or Mansion, we provide reliable, spotless, professional cleaning.

Come back to a home so clean you won’t want to leave. We can look after every aspect of your house, from unacknowledged grime built up over years of neglect to the daily effects of household traffic. Hire our services and bring your home back to the clean state it was always meant to be in.

End of Lease Cleaning.

Moving out? Rental agreements are binding. Don’t risk losing your bond or incurring the wrath of a disgruntled landowner. Employ a cleaning service and reduce the stress of moving out. Leave your former property in better condition that when you moved in.

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Carpet Cleaning

Carpets, perhaps the most luxurious part of our home or office, but also the most challenging to maintain. Dirt may be easily visible and easy to clean on hard surfaces, but carpet may conceal problem dirt till issues can no longer be ignored. Dirt steadily trodden into carpet fibre through daily use is abrasive, hard to remove and risks premature deterioration of the carpet surface. Maintain the investment made in the flooring by cleaning to preserve your carpet’s fine appearance.

But beyond appearance, dust mites, chemicals, allergens toxins and even undesirable cleaning products easily accumulate in carpets. Avoid allergies, asthma and other illnesses from creeping in over time. Use us to maintain clean and super hygienic carpets

Employ our house cleaning service. Our experienced carpet steam cleaning teams can handle any situation from tough stains to general carpet cleaning. By using specialised carpet spot cleaners like coffee stain remover, grease remover, blood stain remover, and paint and ink stain remover, we remove tough stains first. Then we steam wash the carpet with our environmentally friendly carpet shampoo to lift dirt, sanitize, deodorize and completely refresh your carpets.

We provide the price guidelines for the Carpet Steam Cleaning to help you have an idea about the service charges, while proper quotes are available over the phone, e-mail or in person on the place.

Other Services

Empty rubbish bins.

Clean hard floors, wood, tile or otherwise.

Mop and polish kitchens, bathrooms or other similar areas till immaculate.

Vacuum high traffic areas, rugs, lounges and administer appropriate carpet treatment.

Remove interior cobwebs.

Clean windows, including frames and screens.

Clean shower glasses and tiles, hand basin, mirrors, floor and toilet in the Bathrooms.

Sweep and damp mop all the hard floors.

Sweep front porch.

Scrub tiles and hard surfaces till spotless.

Clean kitchen surfaces and microwave ovens.

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