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Commercial Cleaning

Regular cleaning is essential for any business. It hardly need by stressed how the condition of your premises reflects on your business in general. Impress your clients upfront, or rather, don’t risk a bad first impression. Appearance is as important as advertising or company image in reaching your potential clients. Get things right up front with regular, professional cleaning.

We cover every aspect of your office, factory, work facility or other business premises, including much that you may not notice yourself. Don’t let unnoticed aspects of your work environment slowly become a problem. Let us clean everything from the ground up.

We clean so you and your employees can concentrate on running your operation, without clutter or other concerns. Your staff hours are valuable; rarely is it cost effective to detain employees with mundane matters when they could be put to better use earning money and taking your business ahead. Let us work behind the scenes to give your company a clean space to operate in.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services Cover

Carpets and floors, especially concentrating on high traffic areas.

Bathrooms and kitchen areas, disinfecting to prevent food waste issues.

Blinds, windows, frames and other places than need dusting.

Polishing hard and waxed floors.

Emptying bins and other rubbish and waste areas.

Strata Cleaning

A combination of private residential and commercial cleaning, with many areas shared by several individuals. Keep you tenants satisfied with immaculate building conditions. Maintain the look and the value of strata buildings by keeping them like new.

Horizontal modern apartment building in  Rosslyn, Virginia

Our Strata Cleaning Services Cover

Bin and Waste disposal

Vacuum common areas, hallways, foyers, public stairways

Bathroom and laundry cleaning, replacing soap, paper

High Pressure water cleaning

Lift cleaning

Railings, windows, ledges, skirting boards and patios

Car park and garage cleaning

Fire stairways cleaning

Ground maintenance & Lawn mowing

General minor Handyman work

Modern Shop Interior design of the furniture sale

Pub & Club Cleaning

This service has been designed for Pubs & Clubs with no time on their hands to complete the extensive job of thoroughly cleaning their premises. After a long evening of serving customers and completing paperwork the last thing you want to do is clean!

Our experienced and qualified cleaners will visit your premises in regular intervals of your choice to complete those laborious pub cleaning tasks you haven’t got time to do. We understand that regulations are tight when it comes to pub cleanliness, where food and drink is being served to paying customers, and we will ensure that your entire premises are spotless.

Similar to our pub cleaning service, the club cleaning service we offer involves our experienced, fully trained and insured cleaners visiting your premises in regular intervals of your choice.

We provide the price guidelines for the Carpet Steam Cleaning to help you have an idea about the service charges, while proper quotes are available over the phone, e-mail or in person on the place.

Our Club & Pub Cleaning Services Include

Entrance Area / Foyer

Standing & Seating Area(s)

Behind the Bar(s)

Dance Floor(s)

Customer Side of Bar(s)

Other Services

Business Parks Cleaning

Childcare Facilities Cleaning

Commercial Carpet Cleaning

Window Cleaning

Hotel and Pub Cleaning

Community Hall Cleaning

Factory and Industrial Cleaning

School Cleaning

Warehouse Cleaning

RSL and Bowling Club Cleaning

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